Prayer Times

Monday, Jun 24, 2024

(30 Rabi us Sani 1)

Adhan Iqamah
05:32 am
06:58 am
06:30 am
Dhuhr 12:02 pm 01:30 pm
Asr 03:25 pm 04:00 pm
Maghrib 05:07 pm 05:07 pm
Isha'a 06:28 pm 08:00 pm

Jummah Timings

Lecture Khutbah
1st Shift 01:00 pm 01:30 pm
(To be announced)
2nd Shift 02:30 pm 02:35 pm
(To be announced)

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Imam's Corner

Imam Sami Kocak was born in Turkey in 1971. He attended Islamic middle and high school in Turkey to complete his Imam and Khateeb education while he was performing as an Imam and Khateeb in different masjids and organizations in Turkey.


ICC Youth Cricket
Mehfil-e-Midhat-un-Nabi (pbuh)
Mehfil-e-Midhat-un-Nabi(pbuh) Please come with your Family and be part of a blessed gathering for Zikar-Ullah  and Nasheed for Rasool Allah (PBUH) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 2022. at Cary Masjid. InshaAllah. DINNER WILL BE SERVED. PLEASE RSVP HERE:
Public Speaking Course
First Public Speaking Course 4 Saturdays in September Brothers and Sister 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM FEE: $50 (For the whole program)   Link to register: PLEASE BRING the PRINT OUT of the Payment Receipt KEY SERVICES Construction Questions Construction Update Facebook Page

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