Iqra Academy

On behalf of Cary Masjid, we welcome you to


We appreciate your decision to join us in efforts to adorn the young generation with Islamic education. We pray that Allah(SWT) gives us the ability to deliver authentic and quality knowledge about our Deen.

Please register here: IQRA Sunday School Registration (2022-2023)
After registration, payment can be made at the Masjid Kiosk or via below link:
Online Payment (Category: IQRA Academy)

Fee will be $50 per month for one child; $90 for two children; $120 for three children.
$30 refundable book deposit and two months advance fee deposit required.

Jazakumullahu Khairan,
Wassalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.



Islamic Association of Cary is pleased to offer Quran Classes on
Mondays and Wednesdays

Customized classed for the following categories:

  • Learn to Read
  • Learn to Recite with proper rules of recitation
  • Gain strength in Recitation (improve focus on makharij)
  • Memorize
Time (pm EST)
  • 4 to 5 – beginner
  • 5 to 6 – intermediate
  • 6 to 7 – advanced
One-on-one classes with senior male and female teachers, who are well-known in the TRIANGLE Community and experienced in teaching Quran for over a couple decades.


  • For Quran reading classes, its $50/month
  • For Quran memorization, the Fee is $75/month

Fee can be paid online, at (select ‘IQRA QURAN Memorization’)
REGISTRATION LINK: IQRA QURAN Reading & Memorization – Evening Classes

Educational programs survey

Islamic Association of Cary (Cary Masjid) is pleased to announce collaboration with Islamic Educators locally and with other Masajid.

Please fill the SURVEY to help us arrange for additional programs.